Reduce Your IT Headaches with Regradar

Stress in the work environment triggers a series of physical and psychological symptoms. Stress at work can be caused by various factors, such as the boss’s authoritarianism, mistrust, pressure and charges, lack of growth prospects, and lack of leisure time, generating negative effects on the professional such as headaches, digestion and appetite problems, insomnia, palpitations, gastritis, allergies, physical exhaustion, weak memory, lack of motivation, irritation, apathy, isolation, among others.

The information technology area has always been one of the most stressful in the market, and today it plays a fundamental role in the world, this stress has increased, even more, causing more than half of the professionals in the area to feel unhappy with their functions, according to research carried out in the USA.

The complexity and deadlines to be covered by the IT area mean that the worker is always under pressure, on some occasions it usually works as a motivator. However, most feel discouraged, which generates health and personal problems. To reduce stress Regrader has taken necessary within the company to reduce or minimize major IT letdowns.

Control of hours worked

Most associates work overtime to resolve urgent customer issues. All customers have issues that are urgent and need to be resolved right away. It is important for a leader to determine the degree of urgency of each requirement and scale it so that the professional can maintain focus.

Rules for work and leisure

The IT professional must be firm with friends and family who ask him to fix their computers during his off hours and for free. You will not have to do it when you are resting and when you decide to do it, there must be a cost. Rest is essential, when you are at home, it is a time to rest. In addition, rest in your work environment is also important: five minutes for coffee, or to disconnect from work, make activities resume with more focus, relieving momentary stress.

How to act before customer complaints

Many times the client unloads all his disagreements with who is giving him support during his problem. It is necessary to implement a tool in which all claims and requests made by the client become product requests. Through this request, the support staff will be able to help the customer without having to deal with the customer’s frustration and anger directly.

It is good to remember that the client is just irritated because something he is paying for is not working. Those who work with IT are always faced with disaster resolution. Therefore, not taking the client’s relief to the personal area is something that will avoid more stress for the worker.

It is the role of the manager to share important information with the workers, so that there are no doubts about the projects and that each one knows their responsibilities. Finally, professionals who achieve their proposed goals should be praised so that they always feel motivated.

4- Investment in good equipment

It is important that superiors understand everyone’s work and that they understand that it is necessary to invest in good equipment, since charging the professional to meet the goals with a short budget and without support, makes the work much more stressful.

5- Plan, always

Finally, good planning of the activities that will be developed is needed to avoid stress in the IT work environment, thus avoiding falling short of deadlines.

For this, it is necessary that the requirements that are requested and their priorities be very well analyzed by the person who will define these priorities, in order to avoid any alterations and that the work is done several times. With this, fewer mistakes and less pressure on the professional will be achieved.…