How Not To Be Overlooked If You Are Responsible For IT Support

It is now clear that with the adoption of the cloud in companies, the need to effective it support boston services is increasing.

Users demand more flexibility, and more application services and will generate more and more requests. IT service management has to evolve. All of this translates into more service requests, more complexity, and more need for responsiveness on the part of the business. IT services need to adapt to offer more for less with greater business transparency.

How secure is the cloud?

According to some research reports, 86% of security breaches in 2013 were due to the use of stolen passwords and users, making this a priority for company entry policies. By 2015, 60% of IT managers’ budgets for systems security will range from 30% to 40% to fund enterprise threat assessments. Consequently, we will see an increase in demand for private cloud deployments and private editions of the public cloud.

Who will be the IT Support Boston winners?

Companies capable of managing information effectively will be able to understand and know their customers better, be more efficient, effective, and competitive, and have greater control. The challenge is to develop an organizational culture where everyone has access to and is nourished by this information to act in accordance with the interests of companies and their users.

The challenge in the public sector will be to automate many of its institutions, give citizens access and integrate the state function to their needs.

A constant and insatiable demand will grow which requires more data storage capacity. However, the need is not just for more hardware to meet raw capacity. Instead, users want automation, automatic storage management, scalability, rapid provisioning, great performance, and the highest levels of business continuity.

Mobile phones will surpass PCs in access to internet tools, while by 2015 more than 80% of portable phones will be smartphones.

How Not To Be Overlooked If You Are Responsible For IT Support

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