Why IT Support Is Essential For Businesses?

IT support is a service that is responsible for providing technical assistance, hardware or software, to an organization and its customers. In other words, IT support solves problems, difficulties, or questions related to applications, contact networks, platforms, and everything related to information technology; within the technological area of the organization.

Through IT support, customers can be guided to solve problems; but he also has the responsibility to solve problems that may arise in the organization around technology. This includes applications, software, web pages, computers, and smartphones, among others.

Likewise, it is important to note that IT support not only provides a face-to-face service; rather, it makes use of a variety of means to obtain the solution of a problem in the most convenient and effective way possible. Therefore, through IT support, guidance is provided by telephone, email, and chat, among other means. This is essential for saving resources.

Area functions

IT support represents the primary avenue of assistance when technology-related difficulties arise. Among the main functions of this service, the following stand out:

• Actively assist customer queries related to the technology area.
• Assist customers with technology configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting; even remotely.
• Efficiently diagnose problems and carry out the necessary actions to achieve a solution in the shortest possible time.
• Manage the products and services of the organization related to the technological area.
• Monitor the proper functioning of the technological platforms of an organization.
• Delegate the treatment of the different situations that arise before the most appropriate instance.

In general, the function of IT support is to ensure that the operation of the technological sector of an organization is appropriate to favor its activities.

IT Support Levels

Depending on the requirement, a specific type of assistance is necessary.

That is why, there are usually different levels of support; in such a way dedicate more resources to those situations that require more effort, which represents an adequate use of resources.

It all depends on each organization, but usually, there are 3 levels of support, which have the following characteristics:

• Level 1: is responsible for the attention and resolution of simple problems such as configuration, customer orientation, and simple incidents, among others.
• Level 2: face situations that could not be solved in the first level. Difficulties of greater difficulty are diagnosed and solved.
• Level 3: is responsible for diagnosing and finding solutions to highly complex problems that require detailed work. At this level, staff has highly specialized knowledge and experience in solving specific technical difficulties.

Skills of an IT Support

IT support is an area that requires the implementation of certain skills that will allow it to fulfill the functions of the area and its objectives. In essence, they are the following:

• Communication skills, both to understand and transmit the information that is desired.
• Extensive knowledge, both general and specific, of technical matters that allow problem-solving.
• Skills for problem-solving.

Why IT Support Is Essential For Businesses?

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